Scope #1 Underslab - Polymer alloy sheet.

Under Slabs.

 b1Bentonite-polymer alloy sheets.

b. Install waterproofing sheets on substrate, geotextile side facing upward, overlapping not less than 4 inches and stagger sheet ends not less than 12 inches.

c. Mechanically fasten or staple together at 12 inches on center.

d. Cut waterproofing sheets to tightly conform around penetrations.

e. Trowel 3/4 inch fillet of bentonite gel around base of penetrations and extend onto sheet.

f. Overlap underslab and wall membranes not less than 12 inches.

g. At pour joints in concrete.


1) Extend sheets minimum of 12 inches beyond joint.

2) After form stakes have been removed, fill holes with granular bentonite.

3) Continue installation of sheets, beginning at slab edge and covering holes in first


4) Adhere joint filler to bottom edge of first pour.


MDOT Certified_ 07407 N7 N91A

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